Welcome to The History of Chatterton Village Рthe story of the beginnings of Chatterton Road and the surrounding area, particularly during the period 1864-1914. It was across these five decades that most of the area we know today as Chatterton Village was built on what had previously been a mixture of country estate and farmland. The story, pieced together mainly from newspaper archives, street directories and censuses, is published in a series of chapters as outlined below. Please also take the time to like, follow and share our Facebook page. Thanks for visiting!



Chapter One: Bromley Common in the early 1800s

Chapter Two: Bromley Villa and the Hebbert Estate

Who was Henry Hebbert?

‘A daring burglar’ at Bromley Village, The Bromley Record, 1864

The sale of the Hebbert estate, notice in The Times, 1865

Chapter Three: The beginnings of Chatterton Road, 1865-1875

Thomas Chatterton and the naming of the streets

Chapter Four: Chatterton Road expands, shops move in, 1875-1895

Chapter Five: Chatterton Road becomes a thriving shopping parade, 1895-1914

Chapter Six: The first beer-houses – the Hit or Miss and the Chatterton Arms

Thomas Carter is fined for opening his beer-house before hours

Teetotallers and the temperance movement in Chatterton Road

The Independent Order of Good Templars hold their annual meeting in Chatterton Road

Chapter Seven: The family that built the Chatterton Arms

Chapter Eight: The ‘Great Marsh Field’ and the second wave of development

Chapter Nine: Expansion into Victoria, Albert and Salisbury roads, 1895-1914

Postscript: The later development of the Chatterton Road area, after 1914

1940: The German bomber that crashed into Johnson Road